Confrontation… The Struggle and the Need

For EQUIP, we are reading "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands" (this month chapters 9 – appendixes).

Two Favorite quotes from chapter 12 on Confrontation:

  • Our goal (in confrontation) is not to communicate a list of offenses, but to help people see themselves. Often when people tell their story, they are not in it! They focus on the difficulties of the situation and the attitudes and behavior of others. They don't include their own thoughts, desires, choices, and actions. While we are sensitive to the realities of suffering and being sinned against, our goal is to encourage people to look at their behavior and examine their hearts with biblical eyes. (p. 223)
  • The most basic question in all personal ministry is, "For whose glory are you living?" (p. 226)
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  1. This is good stuff. I remember Ken Sande talking about the “ministry” of confrontation. It motivates me, who is not one to confront, to actually do the loving thing and reach out. I would think that it would help those who are far too willing to confront to view it as an opportunity to help someone to be more like Christ than to zap them for their transgressions.

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