Thanksgiving Eve @ Northridge

Don't forget that tomorrow night we have a Thanksgiving Eve service @ Northridge.

It is at 7:00 PM (It was mistakenly announced as 6:00 PM in one service a couple of weeks ago). It will last for one hour. This is a great way to start the Thanksgiving holiday by putting your mind on Christ and thankfulness to Him.

This also is an entire family service. The nurseries will be unlocked if you need to change a diaper or let your toddler run around for a few minutes. But there is no childcare. It is a night full of singing and activity – so don't worry – your children won't be a distraction.

We also will show the service via video in 417 – if your child is getting too loud for your comfort. You would be welcome to enjoy part of the service from 417.

I really hope you can make it tomorrow night. And bring your family. This is a GREAT start to the Thanksgiving holiday! I'm excited because my parents haven't been to our church since we were meeting in the gym (two years ago) – so I'm excited for them to experience Northridge in the new building!

I hope to see you tomorrow night @ 7:00 PM! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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