Exciting Sunday Coming @ Northridge!

A few things I'm very excited about this Sunday:

  • You haven't heard me say this is a long, long time… DON'T PARK OFF SITE THIS SUNDAY!! Wow! It feels SO good to say that. Although the parking lot isn't complete and won't be until the Spring, there are 140 extra spots on which we can park this Sunday! Last Sunday we almost had 1400 people and we all would have been able to park onsite! With that said, we still need our most committed people to park in the zoo lot and to park in the new "lower lot."  So you don't need to park off-site (Hi-Qual), but we would like to ask you to park far.
  • I am very excited to continue the series "More & Better" this week. I really enjoyed prepping for this message.
  • We will be passing out the Advent Conspiracy Catalogs. You don't want to miss that! If you watch our services online but don't attend, yet you would like to participate in the Advent Conspiracy, simply email the church office or me and we will send you the catalog.

I can't wait until Sunday!


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