Brazil Conference (some summary photos of the conference)

Today (Friday) is the final day of the All -Brazil conference for missionaries from ABWE. Thanks for your prayers! My job is easy – I only speak (Ephesians sermons). The girls have been extremely busy watching/teaching young children for about six or more hours a day.

Here is the view from our balcony. The missionaries save for three years – every month – to attend this conference. This is a huge highlight for them – to see all the other missionaries in Brazil. So it is an honor to be a part of this family meeting.

Some of the children…

The kids really loved being with our girls.

One of Morgan's buddies

When you get this many missionaries singing in one small room – it is loud and powerful!

Breakfast and dinner was at the conference hotel.

Emily teaching a craft to the boys.

The Bucks came to Brazil the year before I was born! And they are still at it without intentions to stop. They are getting ready to come to the US for a few months, and her biggest concern is that they may not make it back "home" to Brazil. I loved sitting with them during a morning session and learning about their ministry.

Thanks for your prayers!

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