We Need Your Prayers TONIGHT!

Tonight we are making a presentation at city hall to City Planning Commission to request a variance that would allow us to add 168 parking spaces to our property. We already are beyond the allowance for parking (one spot for every four seats). The problem is, we average less than two people per car (1.9 average per car the last six weeks).  It also will take us over 50% on the green-space regulation, but that is a later variance we will need to pursue with another city group.

Tonight's meeting is only to request a variance to add the 168 parking spaces. I will be presenting the need for the additional parking along with our representative from Marathon Engineering – who will handle the technical issues and questions.  Please pray for a board that is open to our needs and that they might rule in our favor.

Yesterday, we had our second highest "non-special" Sunday ever.  And during the second service, we had over 100 cars parked off-site and we still only one had one open spot in our main lot. Logically, we can "prove" we need more parking.  But that doesn't necessarily mean a lot in these situations when requesting a variance.

To avoid going to three services, we really need this parking. Please, please pray!

Here are two drawings that will help you understand where the parking will be, if approved.  The first one shows it finished.  The second one may be easier to tell what is current and what will be additional parking.

Thanks for your prayers.

Parking 1

Parking 2


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