One Step Closer to Parking…

Last night's meeting went well with the City Planning Commission. Thanks so much for your prayers. It is interesting how I can get more nervous talking to five people than to 1200. The stakes were high. If they did not approve our variance, than we would have to move toward three services very soon and we would have an auditorium that seats about 300 people more than we can adequately park on site.

We were the seventh case (out of nine).  We listened to all the other cases to get an idea of what to expect, and then we had fifteen minutes to make our presentation. We probably took about ten, answered a few questions, and then they closed the case and took care of the final two cases.

We then went with the City Planning Commission members to their deliberation room (you are allowed to observe but not allowed to speak).

It was an unanimous decision in our favor and a comment was even made about how nice it was to see a church growing – as typically they are handling cases of rezoning churches for other purposes because they close down.

We aren't finished yet.  We now need a variance to allow more than 50% coverage of our property – which requires approval from a different group, but without a presentation. We expect a ruling on that within ten days, and if all goes well, we should have more parking before the end of the year.

To those that serve by parking far – THANK YOU! Hopefully, just a couple more months!


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