How to Provide Effective Correction – part 2

Here is part 2 to my suggestions for providing effective correction.  You can read part one HERE

3. Present your disagreement humbly yet honestly. Don't act like you have the correct answer.

Approach is everything when it comes to correction. The more humble the approach, the more likely you will be heard. I've seen how I respond to those who approach me, and I've seen how others respond to me depending on my approach.

4. Assume there may be information you don't know or understand.

You want the one you disagree with to be humble – so approach them humbly and assume it may be a learning curve for both of you. This is all about approach again. If you approach a person truly believing that there may be information you don't know or understand, the person being confronted will tend to mirror your humble spirit.

And finally…

5. Focus on correcting your friends more than acquaintances.

Bottom line – the wounds of a friend can be trusted. Wounds from those who aren't friends make me wonder about their motive. The problem is, the correction may be accurate and needed, but if I'm unsure of their motive (because of a lack of friendship) than I will not be as open to the validity of their correction. Occasionally, you will need to correction someone with whom you don't have a close relationship. Be prepared for more defensiveness and don't assume it will go as well.

Just some ideas based on correction I hear best, and what I've learned from confronting others.

What am I missing? I'm sure there are things I didn't think of. What have you learned?

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  1. One thing regarding correction that I often remind myself of is from the Fighting Fair series in the fall of 08: OIC- Observation: state the facts, Interpretation: this is how I interpreted said facts, Confirmation: did miss something? That accronym has helped me in many situations.

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