BE BOLD – This Coming Sunday

This coming Sunday is a great opportunity for you to be bold. We are beginning a three-week series called "More & Better."  The series isn't about our church strategy. It is a series "doing" our church strategy.  The first sermon is inviting more people to become followers of Christ. So be bold and just make an invite or two… or three. The entire sermon will be explaining the Gospel to those who haven't received it.

Will you be bold and invite someone?

More&Better Title

And, by the way, we continue to struggle with parking. There was only one open spot at the second service in our lot. Could you help? Would you? Park off-site – gain a reward!

  1. I feel it’s unfortunate that you have become a broken record about the parking issue David.

    Every Sunday I see tons of familiar faces in the lobby and in the service and I wonder to myself, are ALL the regulars parking far? They can’t possibly be parking far, or this wouldn’t be an issue any longer.

    I hope, for the sake of this next series, that people really take it to heart to park far (but I have my doubts that reading it in your blog will make a difference… especially with all the pleas you’ve made from the stage and from your blog before…)

  2. Don’t take it as a knock on your leadership at all. That talk has come up a few times in my small groups the last few years. Every time you talk about it I’m convicted again… My first thought comes to “is there an even further location where I can park?” But some people hold very tightly to their personal preference and find some way to justify it to themselves…

    (I love when I see families with 3 or 4 very young children with parents carrying a million bags of child or ministry related stuff in their arms making the walk from the far lots. Now THAT’S sacrifice!)

    In the end, this next series on being bold may just be the catalyst to get people thinking about the importance of outreach and how they can be a part of that. Kind of funny… we need people to park far so that we can get people in here… only to encourage them to do things to bring more people (That’s a very positive cycle)

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