Two Things That Overwhelm Me…

For the last couple of days, I've been overwhelmed by two realities:

  1. God's mercy and grace are SO great to me! I so badly deserve judgment – He gives me mercy. I deserve to try to "earn my way" and He gives me grace. This is no less true today than always, but I've been overwhelmed by it this week.
  2. I am now a parent of three teenagers (Emily turned 13 on Tuesday). That is overwhelming to me. I have now been a parent for almost 17 years, and in 7 more years, I won't have any teenagers in my house. That is crazy! It sobers me – and frankly – it scares me. I am so blessed, but I need to be focused on what God has called me to do. I often remind myself – hundreds of people can pastor this church, but only one person can be a father to my children. I don't want to blow it.

Those two realities overwhelm me – and hopefully help me focus on enjoying God and pleasing Him.



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  1. For the past 60 days I have been reflecting on the fact that God takes delight in His people. Ps 149:4. God, How in the world can can you delight in me? The words of scripture and the assurance of the Holy Spirit remind me that God’s love for me is not rooted in a definition of love that is based upon performance. God has set His love on me and that literally bring grateful tears to my eyes. David as you move through this week may you know and feel God’s pleasure as you parent to the glory of God.


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