How to Know God’s Will (video)

A few months ago, one of my sermon points had to do with God's Will and how to know it. I still regularly hear comments on that section of the sermon.

So we thought it may be helpful to separate it from the rest of the sermon.  Do you know someone who tends to be overly mystical about God's Will?  Do you know someone who stresses about making sure they figure out what "God wants them to do?"

This may be a good video to point them to. It can revolutionize a life and give peace in the place of fear and stress.

2011.06.12 – Knowing God's Will from Northridge Media on Vimeo.

As always, if you receive this by email – watch the video HERE or by clicking on title above.

  1. Excellent! I loved this particular point during the sermon and I’m glad you posted it here. It’s funny how easy it is to complicate things that God never intended to be complicated.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I remember first being introduced to this whole thing through a book that John MacArthur wrote titled Found: God’s Will. It completely unlocked something that was so difficult to parse and comprehend. Thanks for the alternative explanation on this. Like Gospel presentations I love hearing the same things explained in multiple ways.

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