“Why don’t we show the giving in the Sunday program anymore?”

A few times in the last few weeks I've been asked why we don't show the weekly giving update in the program every week. It is a fair question and I wanted to explain why we have chosen to no longer publish the weekly numbers. There are two basic reasons:

  • Primarily because that is "insider" information. That isn't the type of information that we think that brand new people need to see week to week. We are always thinking of people who are brand new to church and sadly, that is the item they notice most (for various reasons) in the program. Printing that info in the weekly program goes back to the days when almost everyone who showed up week to week were committed Christ-followers who were also members and givers.
  • Secondly, we have an easy way to get that information to those who give.  We send out quarterly updates to all of those who give anything during the year. As part of that update of their personal giving (for tax purposes and for their personal accountability) we will include where we currently are on our weekly giving.

As a member, if you ever want more information, feel free to contact the church office. Karen can update you on giving statistics or put you in contact with someone who can get that information to you. Otherwise, you will be updated on a quarterly basis.  Great question… thanks for asking! Transparency on these things is very important to us.

  1. I remember speaking with an individual not that long ago at Northridge that saw our year-to-date giving versus our budget and took great encouragement from the fact that we were not in the hole like so many other churches tended to be. He definitely fit the definition that you give of an “insider” as he was active with his church and knew what their struggles were. I don’t think this is a bad move at all and gives us more room for more stuff on the half sheet of paper we use.

  2. I agree with removing it from the program — seems like the wrong place for that information. However, it would be nice if it were more “readily” accessible. Like a (password protected perhaps) link to a PDF with up to date information for members, or something similar, for example.

    Having to ask someone for it kind of discourages me from seeking out that information because I don’t want to be a nuisance — I know that you all have more important things to do than satisfy my curiosity. But I think as a member it’s good information to be keeping up on.

    I think quarterly is acceptable, just throwing this thought out there I guess…

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