Politics, Protests and Boycotts – a GREAT video!


A couple of Sundays ago – I taught on FOUNDATIONAL POLITICS. (you can see or listen to it HERE). I spoke about my frustrations of Christian boycotts.

It is interesting that just recently the "boycotting" tool often misused by Christians was used by the pro-homosexual community to keep the CEO of Starbucks (Howard Shultz) from speaking at the Willow Creek Leadership Conference. Willow Creek is one of the largest churches in America and is pastored by Bill Hybels (who tends to draw a lot of criticism from those inside and outside the Church).

The pro-homosexual community had only 717 people sign a petition to boycott Starbucks if their CEO speaks at Willow Creek Church. The petition declared Willow Creek to be an anti-gay church. But the petition was enough to cause the CEO to cancel his speaking engagement at the Leadership Conference.

There is SO much I can say about it, but what I really wanted to point out is the great way that Willow Creek responded to Shultz and to the organizers of the petition. 

It would be worth 7 minutes of your time to watch how a godly leader responds to controversy from non-Christians.  Listen CLOSELY! What a great response! I love what he instructs the attenders of the conference to do!


As always, if you receive this by email – click on the title above to see the video, or click HERE.


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