“I have read and agree…” REALLY!?!?!

I was updating an app on my smartphone. It is an update for iTunes. Before uploading, it shows me a 62- page document. And I have to "agree" with this statement: "I have read and agree to the iTunes Store Terms & Conditions."

I certainly am willing to agree to them, but I have no intentions of reading 62 pages of legal jargon.

So – do you read those documents or download anyway? Is it compromising your integrity? How do you view such things?


Read and Agree

  1. One wouldn’t know if they were compromising their integrity unless they read all 62 pages…AND had some knowledge of legal jargon. So, download anyway and take caution…

    I view these the same way I do the legal jargon in small print at a hospital just prior to surgery..if you want/need the surgery you sign it, period.

  2. I don’t read them.

    And I don’t view it as compromising integrity, as I don’t believe there is any real expectation from the provider that I’ll actually read them. If there was, they wouldn’t make it 62 pages… I believe it’s worded that way to protect their intellectual property, and that’s it.

    I wonder why they have to put the “I read” part, it would seem that they’d be covered if someone just agreed (like all of us do anyway) in the event of a violation of the T & C?

  3. I have sometimes read them. But I see it more as, do I trust the company or not? Because with iTunes, I know that if there was some weird clause in there that I would not agree with, someone else would find it and it would make the news. So when I click and agree that I’ve read it I don’t see it as a literal thing, but I do understand that I’m responsible for what it says.

  4. Dear David,

    As stipulated in section CCXII on page 37 of the terms and conditions you recently agreed to, we will be contacting you in the near future to repossess your house and work on the relocation of your family from Rochester NY to Latvia. As also agreed, we will be happy to release all personal information about you and your family to any and all website services who inquire.

    In the event that you would like to be removed from the “People for the Ethical Treatment of Produce and Vegetable (PETPeaV)” members union, we remind you that due to the terms and conditions set forth on page 53, you are now a lifetime member. We look forward to your $2,500 in annual dues that will be automatically debited each month using the banking instructions you authorized us to access per the terms and conditions set forth on page 15. PETPeaV thanks you for your generous donation.

    As always, we at iTunes appreciate your business. From all of us here, and from all of us everywhere else for that matter, which will benefit from you agreeing to these terms and conditions, we thank you.

    We hope you enjoy your new service.

    PS- Due to the terms and conditions, we understand that you understand that all internet/cell service is unavailable in Latvia. Upon your relocation you will surrender any and all forms of electronic devices. At that time, all services previously agreed to will be terminated, with the exception of the financial obligation previously agreed up on page 61 of the terms and conditions.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to thoroughly read through our easy to read terms and conditions

    Service Associate for Terms and Condition Inc.

  5. Integrity is of the highest importance. Having said that, these “I agree” statements are a “travesty of a farce of three shams”.

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