Great Words from Spurgeon

Reading and experiencing various debates happening among those who hold the same theology is discouraging. Whether it is John MacArthur going after Mark Driscoll or fights within the Sovereign Grace movement – it is discouraging to read and experience.

Today, I came across this quote from Spurgeon. POWERFUL words that are great reminders for us all!

Perhaps another source of tears may suggest itself to you, namely sorrow in Heaven for our mistakes, misrepresentations, and unkindness toward other Christian brothers and sisters.

How surprised we will be to meet some saints in Heaven whom we did not love on Earth! We would not fellowship with them at the Lord’s Table. We would not acknowledge that they were Christians. We looked at them suspiciously if we saw them in the street. We suspected their zeal as being nothing better than a show and an exaggeration, and we looked on their best efforts as having sinister motives at the heart. We said many unkind things and felt a great many more than we said.

When we see these unknown and unrecognized brothers and sisters in Heaven, won’t their very presence naturally remind us of our offenses against Christian love and spiritual unity? I can’t imagine a perfect man looking at another perfect man without regretting that he ever treated him in an unkind manner.

I am sure as I walk among the saints in Heaven, I cannot (in the natural order of things) help feeling, I did not assist you as I ought to have done. I did not sympathize with you as I ought to have done. I spoke a harsh word to you. I was alienated from you. And I think you would all have to feel the same; inevitably you must. If it were not that by some heavenly means, and I don’t know how, the eternal God will so overshadow believers with the abundant bliss of his own self that even that cause of tears will be wiped away.

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  1. Dear Pastor–Can you explain your comment about John MacArthur going after Mark Driscoll. What does that mean since it is my understanding he addressed a very serious problem. If you disagree with the way it was handled how would you handle this behavior in our church.
    I am currently working on becoming a member of Northridge and came from a church where sin in the denomination was swept under the rug and I observed the results of what this did to the people in the congregation. It allowed sin to prevail. Please let me know how you would address these concerns. Unfortunately there are many who do not know how to discern these teachers who are now getting a pass from the Christian community. Thank you and God bless you-

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