Controversial Sermon… coming on Sunday @ Northridge

Rarely does this happen, but a couple of hours ago (Monday at 3:30 PM), I totally changed the direction of my sermon for this coming Sunday. And I'm quite a few hours into my prep.  I start early on Monday mornings on sermon prep for the next week.

But as I was working on the sermon, I realized that I needed to talk about something as an introduction to the sermon (because of the particular passage), but as I was working on it – I realized it needed it's own "sermon" – not as an introduction to the next paragraph in Ephesians.

So I will be doing "Theological Time-out #4" this Sunday.  The first three Theological Time-Outs in Ephesians dealt with election, tongues, and miracles.  This one will probably be more controversial than any of those.

  • Theological Time-Out #1: November 21, 2010 (you can see that HERE)
  • Theological Time-Out #2: February 20, 2011 (you can see that HERE)
  • Theological Time-Out #3: February 27, 2011 (you can see that HERE)

I wonder if you can figure out what the topic will be based on the next paragraph in Ephesians (6:5-9). I can't wait. Now I just have to write the sermon… I better get back to work.

  1. Maybe along the lines of Col 3:23 – work as into the Lord, not unto men – in jobs we don’t like but should still focus on glorifying God with our output ….

  2. hmmm….I could see 2 potential controversial topics from this passage. 1. Slavery is mentioned throughout the Bible… does the Bible condone slavery?? That could be one topic, or 2. Paul tells us in this passage to submit to any lawful constituted authority. How far do you take that??

    Am I at least close? 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your sermon on Sunday!

  3. I understand this is a passage that some folks have used to justify slavery. But didn’t the term Bondservant actually refer to someone who was working off a debt (bond) of some kind, or had some specific business agreement with the “master”, such as the arrangement that Jacob had with Laben in order to marry Rachel? It would seem to me the point of the passage is more about respect for authority as well as fair treatment of those under your authority- and most of all, doing all things as unto the Lord. Looking forward to this sermon!

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