Biblical Counseling Conference – Interested?

Those of you who are part of EQUIP may be interested to know of a great conference coming up in October.  If you are interested in learning more on the topic of Biblical counseling as it relates to Psychology – this conference sounds very interesting and challenging.

It is the CCEF National Conference and it is being held in Louisville, KY from October 21- October 23

The authors of many of the books we have read or will be reading are speaking there such as David Powlison (Speaking the Truth in Love), Ed Welch (When People are Big and God is Small and Addictions), and Tim Lane (Relationships a Mess Worth Making). To read more about the speakers check out this link -

The schedule has many practical sessions listed such as…

  • What's in a Name?  Understanding Labels and Diagnoses
  • Making Sense of Complex Problems; Assessing and Counseling a Person with Suicidal Thoughts
  • Out of Control – Understanding Anxiety Disorders
  • Sexual Addictions – Bringing Light to Dark Places
  • Listening to Prozac – Understanding Psychiatric Treatments

To see the entire schedule with short descriptions of each session go to -

The cost of the conference is $195 and the hotel that the conference is being held at is $119 per night. If you are interested in attending and riding together or sharing a room, please contact Kim Gagarinas at [email protected]

Also, for those in EQUIP – don't forget to be reading "Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave" for our class in September!


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