Erie Canal Bike Trip – Day Four (some photos)

Day four is done. We are staying in Palentine Bridge at a bed and breakfast.  Sue drove the support vehicle the first two days. One of the riders took day three off, and the other five of us are splitting up the last two days.  Friday morning will be my turn to drive the truck. I will not ride the first 20 to 25 miles. My legs are happy, but mentally, I'd rather ride the entire time. But I'm sure we all feel the same.

To get an idea of how dusty the Erie Canal is – take a look at this photo. I was hosing everyone's legs off at the end of day three and couldn't resist taking this photo of Jason. Can you tell where his shoes and socks were? 🙂

Bike Trip 14

One of the guys riding (Tim) got married in Utica. So we made a half-mile detour to take a photo for his wife:

Bike Trip 16

This is my favorite traffic light we've seen (in Canajoharie)

Bike Trip 15

Friday is the final and shortest day. Albany, here we come!

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