Another Video “Problem” That Was Pretty Cool

There is a great video I want you to see, but first – I want to remind you that EQUIP is this Saturday at 9:00 AM.  I would encourage you to review the book and be ready to share a challenge, quote or idea from "Relationships: A Mess Worth Making" that has impacted you.

Now – to the video…

This past Sunday, during the second service, we had a baptism video "freeze."  I had introduced the video and walked backstage to watch the video and baptism on a screen behind the platform.  I got back there and the video froze. I was hoping that wasn't happening in the auditorium, but it was.  Those of you who were at the first service and missed it – it is worth watching.  Just beware, the video will "Freeze" 18 seconds in… it isn't really freezing… you are just seeing what everyone experienced on Sunday.  But watch what happens.  Michele did a great job letting me ad lib!


If you receive this by email – click HERE to see the video or click on the title above.  It is worth watching the video.

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