Relationships: A Mess Worth Making – chapter 10

EQUIP is coming up on Saturday… Are you up to speed? Today, I highlight some parts of chapter 10: HOPE

  • Already the power of sin has been broken, but the presence of sin has not yet been eradicated. (p. 108)
  • The timetable is in the hands of the sovereign Lord of grace. His timing is always right and he never gets a wrong address. Our job is to learn how to best live in the middle. So we live as broken people who are being repaired, living among neighbors in the same condition, always thankful for what has already been done but ever aware of our need for what we have not yet been given. (p. 109)
  • Everyone who lives between the already and the not yet will experience four things:
    • Our relationships will never work according to our plan
    • Our relationships will never live up to our expectations
      • This side of eternity, none of us get to be with the person of our dreams and none of us are ready to be the person of someone else's dreams! We are all flawed people living in fallen world, but with a faithful God. And at some point in every relationship, we are required to accept graciously who the other person is, even as we humbly admit who we are.
    • Our relationships will always grapple with some kind of difficulty
    • Our relationships will always need to improve (pp. 109-110)
  • Because our relationships are always lived out in the middle of some kind of difficulty, good relationships demand character. Remember, your relationships have not been designed by God as vehicles for human happiness but as instruments of redemption. (p. 110)
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  1. Just to clarify, the meeting schedule has the next EQUIP class to be July 9th, which is NEXT Saturday, not this Saturday (July 2nd). (You mention in the above post that EQUIP is coming up on Saturday).

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