“Crunchy” Church

I read recently that the "crunchy" is a term that is used (shortened from "crunchy granola") to describe people who willingly alter their lifestyle to make less of an impact on the environment. It's crunchy to give up your car for a bike, or use mass transit, or to become a vegan.

I wish there was a term for those at Northridge who have willingly altered their lifestyle to better fulfill the Great Commission.  We need a NAME for them… "ridgers" "north-ites" "northridgers"?  This group includes people who:

  • Park off site – even though it is a pain (I admired watching a mom with pre-school children walk through the slushy snow in her fancy shoes).  She's a Northridger…
  • Carry the vision of the church and can describe it and dialogue with others about it (I had some seminary students stay with various people in our church. They always were impressed with the how the DNA was carried by our church members). They are Northridgers…
  • Attend 8:30 – even though 11:00 may be easier for them.
  • Serve at one service and attend the other. Those who do so – are here from 8:15 (or earlier) until after 12:30. 
  • Wear orange shirts week after week after week (that they paid for out of their own pocket)… to remind themselves and others that we are about partnering with parents to influence their children for Christ.
  • Invite those who don't yet know Christ and cheer us on in our efforst to communicate the Gospel clearly (in every way).
  • Go beyond giving 10% to live a generous lifestyle.

So many of you fit one, two or more of these categories.  THANK YOU!

There must be a better term than "Northridgers".  What is it?

  1. I like the idea of the name not being specific to Northridge. Maybe something along the lines of “not my own” or “all in.”

  2. A better term…. Normal Christian…to serve not to be served….even as I was sent so send I you.

    OK, maybe there is an even better term but I had to state the obvious

  3. Again, if those are descriptions of every Christian – we are in trouble! We can’t get more than 40 or 50 cars off site, and more than 300 or 400 to attend 8:30… 🙂

    I think those who go above and beyond OUGHT to be true of every Christian, but it simply isn’t.

  4. How about “North Lights” as in northern lights (aka aurora borealis) meaning they shine or enable to shine the gospel light.  Could also have the double meaning of “lite” as in lite impact on the visitor/newcomer environment.

  5. Regarding that name question.

    Ok, so crunchy represented “crunch granola” which was an attribute of those types of people.  
    Sooo… Many of the people we reespect do the following.. They smile, they put extra effort in ( they go the extra
    Mile), and they even walk the extra mile literally to reserve space for others.

    Maybe we should call the special people “Smilers”.   As in a smiling extra-miler.

  6. Ok, just tossing some thoughts out there:
    Hmm, people choosing to walk far so that others can park closer,  Christ followers are sometimes described in the Bible as walking the Christian walk…
    So maybe just “walkers”..
    I suppose “walkies” might work or even”walkie talkies”, for those who not only talk the talk but walk the walk!! lol

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