What If the Parent Needs Correction?

One of the questions that came up more than once in the text messages was along this line: "What if my parents need correction? What should I do?"

I answered it one Q&A but not as well as I would have liked to answer it – or as directly. This is an answer directed at a teen struggling with parents who aren't as committed to Christ as they are. Or maybe their parents have rules that they view as unreasonable. Perhaps there is direct sin in the life of the parent. Here would be my general answer to these types of questions.

God ordained authority. Authority commands. Authority directs. But those under authority appeal. They don't command. They don't direct. But they can and should properly and respectfully appeal. Appeal to your parents. Use proper respect. Submit to their answer with the right attitude.

Authority commands. Those under authority appeal. Figure out how to make your appeal at the right time, in the right way, with the right attitude. And prove your submission by your response. A right response to a negative answer will likely soften their heart for your next appeal.

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