Sweet Memories and Sweet Friends (old and new)


This week I spoke at a Family Camp in Iowa. It was a camp that I grew up attending. I made several significant decisions at that camp. In the full story of my life – the camp plays a crucial early role.

The name is kind of strange (Iowa Regular Baptist Camp) – unless you know what a Regular Baptist is – which is an interesting discussion in itself (because I'm not sure all Regular Baptists agree with who they are)… I'm not making fun, really… I just think titles mean VERY different things to "insiders" than "outsiders." And the reality is – with Regular Baptists – they don't even agree with what "Regular" means in their title (really!!).  But anyway…

The "chapel" wasn't nearly this nice when I was growing up. It was in the basement of the dining hall. This is REALLY nice! Over 300 people were attending Family Camp 2 (it is the second of five Family Camps).

Our two oldest children were on a mission trip this week in Puerto Rico – so Sue, Emily, Gaby (Emma's friend) and I drove 1000 miles to Iowa for me to speak at Family Camp.  We spent a lot of time with a couple who are old friends of mine (Tim & Devona). What a blessing to hang out with them again. I graduated with Devona. Her husband, Tim, and his brother, Clay, are two of my early childhood friends. Our families hung out a lot together. Even though I don't see them often – it is easy to spend time with them again…


I also made two new, important friendships. They kept us in a pretty nice place (compared to normal "camping" conditions). It was where our family stayed, the worship leader's family, and the "director" of the week and his family. We hung out every night and talked a lot about life and ministry.

It is amazing how quickly hearts can be bound together when you meet like-minded, passionate guys who have walked many of the same ministry "roads" at different ages and in different contexts. I left camp Friday morning with two new friends. I hope our paths cross many more times in the coming years!


We enjoyed our experience at camp very much, but look forward to being back at Northridge tomorrow!

  1. David,
    Glad you had a great week at IRBC! Chris and I were about 15-20 minutes from there this past Wednesday. We made an afternoon trip to Mason City (we live 90 minutes south). Would have loved to have seen you. I guess I should check the IRBC pamphlet for next year’s speakers. Miss you guys and praying for God’s continued blessing on Northridge.
    Kerry (Keane) Thatcher

  2. We really enjoyed your preaching this past week at camp. You made it so easy to follow along on a topic that in and of itself is confusing at times to understand! I learned a lot and was blessed. Thanks.
    I have been looking a bit on your blog, how can I get my hands on your parenting messages? My husband and I have 7 children, 16, 12, 9, 6, 5, 5 and 4~..not to mention all in the past 7 years! (adoption) We are always looking for good Godly help on parenting.
    Something tells me you may be able to direct me in on a path towards good material on marriage..? We are going to be celebrating our 11th in a few days!..
    Thanks again for allowing God to use you this past week at camp.

  3. Jennifer –
    Wow! Congrats! That is amazing! 7 children in 7 years. The series that I just finished can be downloaded for free at our website (www.northridge.ch).

    My favorite book on marriage is “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas. It is a life-changing, paradigm shifting book.

    Not sure if I met your family, but thanks for being at camp. What a great week that was!

  4. Regular, you mean like having regular restroom breaks, or irregular movements. This does make me laugh. I saw an article the other day in a regular baptist magazine entitled something along the lines of “why Abe Lincoln was a regular Baptist” I read with curiosity! WOW the conclusions the “insiders” came up with. Did I say “WOW”. WOW! Comical that with all that is going on that they have time to write that stuff and even try to convince people of this that God DON’T CARE about!

  5. Awesome David! It was great seeing the pics of the camp! I too have some fond memories of that camp…it was there I got to be a camp counselor for the first time to my Jr. High girls! It was a great week! We went there for family camp too back in the day! ha! A lot of memories! wow! and I remember a lot of hanging out with you and the Tarbells too! 😉 A lot of skiing going on! 😉 Fun! Fun! Fun! (even though I’m NOT a “regular Baptist” any more! LOL! 😉

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