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New Part-Time Staff Member – Keaghan Hultquist

As I've mentioned before, God's blessing on the growth of Northridge has necessitated us to hiring some new part-time staff members in the last few months. In [...]
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Top Five Books for Counseling and Self-Help

I've made a few "Top Five Books" lists and here is the final one I plan to publish. You can see the other lists here: > Top Five Books for New [...]
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Top Five Books on Parenting

I've been doing a series of "Top Five Books" on various topics. This one makes me more apprehensive than most because people have stronger views on [...]
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Top Five Books on Marriage

I've been doing a series of TOP FIVE books for people to consider reading. Here is a Top Five Books list for marriage: 1. What Did You Expect - by Paul [...]
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Top Five Apologetics Books

I've been doing a series of TOP FIVE books for people to consider reading. So far - I've published these lists: > Top Five books for New [...]
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The Blog Post Your Kids Don’t Want You to Read

Tim Challies recently reviewed a great device and app called Circle, which is designed to give you an idea of what websites and programs are being accessed [...]

Northridge Church’s Place in Church History

Some of you may have seen on Sunday (or on Social Media) that Northridge Church (called North Baptist Church then) was mentioned in the Journal of American [...]
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Top Five Books for Digging Deeper

I've been making some book recommendation lists recently. You can read the first two here: Top Five Books for New Christians Top Five Books for [...]
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Top Five Books for Growing Christians

I am posting a few "Top Five Books" lists. I've had input from dozens of people, but I take the blame for the lists. The first list was five books for new [...]