Pay it Forward_01

Pizza for Free – Generosity and Poverty

On Sunday mornings we play a 5 minute countdown video to let people know when service is about to start. This week's video was about a pizza shop that pays it [...]

An Amazing Story Worth Hearing Twice

I love getting to hear stories about how God changes people's lives, and we got to hear Michael Sablosky's amazing story at all of Northridge's campuses on [...]

Attend One, Serve One

We have some absolutely amazing volunteers that help make church happen at all 3 Northridge campuses every Sunday. This video highlights only a portion of [...]

An Email is Coming!

If you missed Sunday at Northridge, can you watch this two-minute video? Thanks! To fill out the survey mentioned in the [...]
Church and Homosexuality

Things Christians Should Stop Saying About Homosexuality

I think there are statements that Christians make that lose credibility in our culture. The difficulty is - the statements may be popular with Christian [...]
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New Staff Member – Emily Murphy

In my blog, I've been introducing some new employees to Northridge. We have four new employees since the beginning of the year. Two are full-time (one-year [...]
Historical Christians

“Christians are on the Wrong Side of History”

Have you ever heard someone say, "Christians are the on the wrong side of history"? Perhaps it was a recent conversation and they were talking about the issue [...]

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

During my series on "The Church and Homosexuality" - I told the story of Rosaria Butterfield. She was a lesbian who was an English professor at Syracuse [...]
Gay Marriage

Is Traditional Marriage Better for Society?

Often when dealing with biblical issues, I talk about how to dialogue about them with people in our culture. I have often said that it is important not to [...]